Visiting Mount Tamborine with kids: things to see and do

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Of all the amazing places on the Gold Coast in the sunny state of Queensland, this is one you don’t want to miss out on! Tamborine Mountain is a hidden gem, a must visit for every tourist. We have been there a trillion times but it never gets boring. The best part of visiting Mt Tamborine with kids is there are so many activities to do and things to see for the whole family. Oh, what a heck, bring your friends as well!

The very drive to the mountain takes your breath away… there are open green fields of gorgeous landscapes, grazing cows and wandering horses. It is a place that will meet and greet you like the friendliest neighbor.

Once you get all the way to the top, your lungs will fill with a fresh clean crisp air, the smell of eucalyptus and cedar trees is so intense you will feel an instant adrenaline rush kicking in.

The village’s atmosphere is so multicultural that it feels like you are in different countries at the same time.

Best things to do and see while visiting Mount Tamborine with kids

The Skywalk experience – what it is like to see a rainforest from above

This time around we decided (finally!) to do the famous Skywalk, the place where rainforest invites you for a stroll from the height of its trees.  The place is located in the North of Tambourine and very easy to navigate to, with plenty of open space parking available away from the busy road. On arrival, you will be greeted by the friendly staff at the cafe where you can take a quiet break, pay for your Skywalk tickets or simply rest your tired legs.

While it’s not free or cheap, remember why you pay this price — to help the natural rainforest conservation. Make sure you explain it to your kid because the reason will enhance their experience.

Admission fees:

Adult ( 17 yrs old and above ) AU $19.50

Kids ( 6-16 yrs ) AU $9.50

Children 5 yrs old and younger are FREE

Or you can purchase a value ticket with covers a family 2 adults x 2 kids and costs AU $49.00

Skywalk Mt Tamborine- Laskababytravel

A welcoming entrance to the Skywalk – welcome to Paradise

I must admit, walking on a shaky metal see-through platform which takes you as high as the forest’s treetops was not on my priority list. This why I postponed the excursion for that long. After making the first step, I literally felt my heart loudly throbbing somewhere in my throat on its way out.. Somewhat watching a little girl, not older than 5, happily skipping!!! past, made me realize that I had to brave up. Picking my pants up, rubbing my sweaty palms dry, sticking the cell phone deeper in my pocket, I proceeded…

My boys looked absolutely homey, the height of our walking path didn’t seem to bother them. Oh, did I mention Nick has a habit of bouncing up and down on anything that moves even slightly? :)))

Certainly, the walk “on the top of trees” isn’t very long, 10 mins max, after that it takes you on a flat ground into a perfect bushland. There are no animals to watch out for, apart from birds and some water creatures — if you are lucky to spot them in/around the creek. But oh Lord, the tranquillity of this place surrounds you anywhere you turn… The calming sound of the flowing creek and the warm sun make perfect companions.

Coming down from the skies to experience the Rainforest in its glory

Seems like reality doesn’t exist here…time evaporates as you surround yourself with such a beauty. A good place to practice yoga or have a family adventure. We definitely needed it! 

Just look at this magnificent view – is it not the Heaven itself?

What could be a better way to finish our magnificent walk than driving back to the village for a scrumptious meal followed by organic shopping?

Why you need to do shopping in Mt Tambourine 

Well, first you get a lot of handmade or homemade products which is natural, ethically sourced or organic altogether,  therefore good for your health and our planet. The village bursts with arrows of small shops, the majority of them are run by the locals. So make sure you bring your best walking feet.

Are you a wine lover? Appreciate a good quality and outstanding taste? Well, Mt Tambourine is famous for its wineries. There are a few of them along the Gallery Walk which is the main food/shopping street, you can even try before you buy.

Along the same road, you will find an abundance of gift and hobby shops, restaurants and cafes, and also the famous Mt Tambourine Fudge shop.


Visiting Mt Tamborine with kids-Laskababytravel

There is absolutely nothing ordinary about this place. This is the place for colorful photos,  fine dining, gift exchanging and unforgettable memories. Now, unless you really adore attending markets on weekends ( and it gets very crowded), coming to the village during the week would be my best pick.

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Visiting Mount Tamborine with kids-Laskababytravel


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