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A picture worth a thousand words..

Great imagery can make or break your site or a blog, don’t you agree? I love browsing through a clean webpage with high-quality images, don’t you?

That’s the reason we have been ( I, Alex, particular ) working hard on getting my photography skills honed and photos well presented. They have made to the largest most vibrant photography marketplace on the planet, the Shutterstock.

Because our images are Not Royalty Free, we’ve put a lot of love into them so that you feel proud of having them on your own website if you choose.

Laskababytravel Shutterstock PortfolioTo browse our portfolio, click on the Image Gallery above and it will take you to our Shutterstock account.

It’s not huge just yet but we are working on it plus I believe in quality over quantity.
All images are subject to the Shutterstock License Policy, therefore we have no saying in their guidelines, so please make sure you understand the Terms and Conditions of using the marketplace.

Nevertheless, we still ask you kindly to please give us credit by simply mentioning Laska Baby Travel Blog under an image, which isn’t a big deal for you but means tonnes to us!

Shutterstock Images Rates 

Prices for imaging sales are based on Shutterstock current global rates. We have no influence over them.

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