Are we road living or road holidaying and what is the difference?

 In Our Motorhome Adventure - Living on the road

We are not on a permanent holiday, this is our life now. We are a road living family.

Living on a road full-time family-Laskababytravel

We spent a day wandering around beautiful Sydney beaches bleeding with tourists

People often confuse the life on wheels with an extended holiday. I totally understand. The difference here is that we still work, not just play. We cook, clean, pay the bills. Like everyone else. One day we are planning to go around the country on a permanent basis. Not on the  ” x amount of months ” stint.

What is a Road Living?

No doubt, the idea of investing in a house on wheels ( and it is an investment ) gave us the opportunity to freely move around for work. Whereas before we had to do the actual moving: packing the house, paying for a removal company or a storage unit. Having lived this way for years, the right time finally came. I do not understand what was stopping us before. According to Steven ” It was a natural progression “. Something we have grown into. The mindset shift.

Road living family-Laskababytravel

A day out visiting Sydney’s Blue Mountain region- in front of the Three Sisters


There are families that travel around to find work as they go. There are families that travel for the existing work. I have met both. Some live in a caravan, some prefer a tent. Not so keen on a tent in freezing conditions though.

To sum it up, we are In-Betweeners. Still, travel for work but working towards the paid travel. Hope that makes sense. What that means is we at this moment are stationary and in one chosen location. As long as the work requires. The beauty here is that absolutely nothing stopping us from moving along to a different job. Can be a different town, can be a different state.

We started this journey with the end in mind, therefore, not focusing on what it is now but rather what we are working towards. Exploring the area and surroundings are on our everyday menu, thankfully there are no boundaries on how far we can travel or how much we can see. I am bound to become the best expert on around here.


The outsiders sometimes get a false impression that full-time traveling families get it all good. Not that easy. There is no such thing as a total freedom. It is either you live off the grid 100% or move your butt now and then to earn a living. One of the other because no one has both. Money still needs to be made, undoubtedly. It doesn’t last forever unless your uncle is Scrooge.

Some days there won’t be any posts or updates. That is because we are people too. Not every day we are out to explore new places. Those days are for rest and recreation. We do homeschooling too. Which means there are times to stay in for some book work. That’s not something super exciting to post about.



There will be blogs written in the meantime. Loads of them. The topics I will cover are: Living on wheels, Domestic and International Travel, Road Living or full-time RVing, Homeschooling, Health and Fitness, Recipes and exciting places to eat, Finances and Working on the go plus everyday normal family stuff. They are to help others, share info and tips, as well as recommendations and ideas.

Fitness is a priority, no matter where we are


” It has become essential for me to express my thoughts “

Bonus: recording the journey is a great way to keep memories fresh. This is a LEGACY building for future generations. MY family future generations first

We live in a world of wonders. I always wonder about the amazing technology, never-ending findings, and researches, multiple ways of generating income. I also wonder how we survived the 70s, 80s, 90s and even 2000s? Without half the stuff we have now. Folks traveled around like gypsies: in camper trailers and tents. No air-conditioners or toilets. Saying that, they had never had these amazing opportunities of being ”  location independent “. Which has certainly become the new age trademark. That is what we should never forget. How incredibly blessed we are to live in such an advanced world.

My new Director’s chair for that location – independent work

So why have we swapped a stable predictable life for the road gypsying? No, REALLY, why?

  1. To unlock an extra cash

While residing in a permanent dwelling, we tend to overspend. There is always furniture to upgrade or a lawn mower to replace. This is minor. I am not even going into MAJOR. I think there is no need to explain.


Like I always desired to. Since moving to Australia, I was constantly finding myself in an ” I WANT ” mode. Bigger the place, more I WANTED in it. I am not saying, smaller the place, less you want. Rather, your mindset shifts, you re-think, re-analyze your spendings. That is the positive change to me.

  1. To adapt to new challenges

My beliefs are: people, particularly children, must learn adaptability. Life is darn unpredictable so no one is immune. Is it good for them to always move? Again, my beliefs are YES. There are my PERSONAL beliefs though.

  1. To move around in a house instead of moving the house around

Steven has always traveled for work. It has always been this way and always will be until we are FREE.

  1. To use the opportunity of living and exploring NOW in a good health and a good state of mind

You know what scares me the most? The mindset of RETIREMENT. As we cruise around from an RV park to an RV park, we meet a LOT of elderly people. Lovely people. The majority of them have a story or two up their sleeves about how they were younger and carefree and did a trip of their lives in a van. There is always the same ending to those stories: How much they wished they could repeat the experience but weren’t able to until the full retirement.

Once I watched a man, he was well over 70, hooking/unhooking his caravan. At that point, the doubts that I had still might have had, all disappeared. I clearly saw WHY WE STARTED NOW. So we don’t have to wait until the age-related RETIREMENT to start LIVING. I notice those people everywhere we go and congratulate myself on the excellent choice.

  1. To give our son FIRST-HAND chance to EXPERIENCE LIFE, not just read about

What do I mean by that? Well, not everyone wants to raise free-range kids. I am not everyone. I do. Nick has never been good at remembering things he was taught in school. He has always needed a chance to explore, using hands-on activities. School, in our experience, could not provide that.

Importantly, to introduce him to the practical side of things, we needed to take him places, show him different ways of learning, introduce to a variety of cultures and beliefs. We literally wanted to break the walls of the standard perception of learning. Mind you, we were not the first, not the last. Kids can be and need to be molded until they are mature and responsible enough to make their own judgments. It is a fine balancing act. Shaping kids into humans the world needs more of. If I as a parent do not have the total influence on him most of the time, then someone else will.

As a family unit, we have done sacrifices the majority might not understand. This is our life. This is how we want it.

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