The best kitchen appliances for the full time RV cooking

 In Our Motorhome Adventure - Living on the road

After we bought our first RV  and the excitement settled, we started to plan how we were going to do the “RV cooking” while on the road. How could we utilize the limited kitchen space in a van? It was a tricky but manageable task. We have had to make it liveable and lovable.

Specifically, what kitchen gadgets and tools to bring that won’t add up to the space and weight of the van too much. Additionally, my task was to simplify everything starting from the space available for storage and cooking, as well as to make a list of easy recipes using limited gadgets I would have.

With that, I started planning for my ” new kitchen ” design. You can imagine the size of an RV kitchen. That’s right, it is tiny. Regardless, it was not going to stop me from the desire to cook hearty home meals. Eating out is taboo in our home. Something that is left for special occasions. So it was super important to choose the right tools to pack with us.

Firstly, I broke down my own reasoning into small groups: how I wanted to stew, fry and bake.

I have always been a conscious eater. Healthy meals are an essential part of our daily structure. Therefore, my selected appliances must be the top cooking performers.  Without compromising a meal taste.

In the beginning, my options were extremely limited as there was no full oven in the motorhome. Tricky, I know. As a result, the baking part was put away for the time being. I couldn’t even roast. No worries, it wasn’t a big deal as roasting wasn’t my strongest skill.

The stewing and frying parts were the two to figure out.

As a result of all my hard thinking I selected to pack my first TWO MOST HANDY TOOLS for RV cooking:

  1. An electric fry pan

This baby has served me well for years. Such a handy gadget to have. Can be taken anywhere: on picnics, barbecues, camping. You name it. Mine was quite a large size, although the size wasn’t a good enough reason to buy a new one. We are here to save not to spend, remembered?


different sizes for different needs



easy to clean

adjustable temperature

doesn’t requires gas ( if you can connect to the power )


no good for roasting or baking

requires fat or liquid to be added. Otherwise, burns food

not good for free camping

In short words, my electric frypan served as a top cooker and an oven in one (with little tricks).

electric frying pan for RV cooking camping-Laskababytravel

This baby sits on my outside table ready to serve anytime .. literally

The family’s favorite meals prepared in the frying pan: Shepherd’s pie, any stir-fry, spaghetti bolognese, meatballs/beef patties/chicken mini-roast, eggs and bacon, potato chips, schnitzels, and sausages.

chicken rissoles with vegetables and salad beautifully served on a plate

Yummy chicken rissoles prepared with love by my electric fry pan


  1. A blender

OMG. Never ever I would leave my precious blender behind! No matter how heavy/big or inconvenient it looked.

I have had my Ninja for years. It came with two big cups, two single serve cups, multiple attachments. Technically, instead of carrying a kitchen drawer full of various gadgets, this one can be all in one: whisking, blending, mixing, crushing, slicing. The list is endless. The only thing the blender doesn’t do is cooking.

Here is my best smoothie recipe for you:

Vegan protein powder + ripe bananas + mangoes + spinach + acai berry ( strawberry/blueberry, raspberry or a mix of all )+ coconut water + super greens blend  = POWER + NUTRITION IN A CUP. I found this great book with the amazing 365 VEGAN smoothies. That’s a new smoothie every day!


a vegan protein smoothie in a blender - RV living Laskababytravel

Looking weird, hey? It must look bad before it gets yummy!



multitasking abilities

lightweight parts

easy to clean

adjustable settings

great for powered sites


bulky for small vans or tents

requires power

  1. Here goes my NUMBER THREE best appliance that originally wasn’t packed – THE MIGHTY PRESSURE COOKER.

multifunctional electric pressure cooker in black 5 L-great for a RV cooking - Laskababytravel

So grateful to have the cooker – she is handy and compact

In the beginning, there was a slow cooker. I thought of it as the handiest kitchen aid was ever invented. There was nothing my slow cooker couldn’t make. There were stews and soups, lasagnas and shepherd’s pies, bone broths and apple sauces. Then I had to make an impossible decision whether to keep it or leave it. I left it and it hurt. The main reason: my slow cooker was massive and quite worn out. It was a sad – happy moment.

After we bought our current caravan, things changed.

A full oven was on the top list of my essential requirements and I got one. Nevertheless, something felt still missing. Then I understood. It was a flexible way of cooking things. Like in a slow cooker but maybe a bit faster?

Research into slow vs. pressure cookers has proven I could and should invest in the second option! A pressure cooker cooks in minutes with a minimum effort. What not to like? It also preserves nutrients in the most efficient way. That was a discovery on its own! I was ecstatic! Still am.

The best model to get is obviously the one that gives many cooking options. It isn’t as easy as sounds. The market is flooded with brands, models, and designs. I prefer a good digital display and a multi-optional meal preparation.


prepares meals in minutes

preserves nutrients

multi – cooks

cleans efficiently with minimum water

multifunctional with different settings

doesn’t get hot on the outside and uses a safety valve to relieve the pressure


not convenient for free camping or alike

My favorite meals to make in a pressure cooker:

Soups, apple sauces, beef, and chicken roasts, steamed/roasted veggies, beef stews, curried chicken/sausages. Here are more awesome recipes ideas so you don’t run out of meals to cook.

My three best kitchen appliances can be cooked in and stored outside, they are an excellent solution for a full-time RV living and RV cooking. Their multifunctionality, convenience, and simplicity in use have been tested by me and my family million times, in million recipes with millions of ingredients. They have not failed me once yet.

Share your favorite appliances while road tripping or full-time RV cooking/living, post a recipe if you can so we all get to try!

Make sure to Repin this images to your Pinterest and thank you wholeheartedly!

Best kitchen appliances for the full-time RV cooking-Laskababytravel










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