How and why we chose living in a house on wheels

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Some years ago, Steven and I were discussing what it would be like to be living a tiny (or maybe not so) house on wheels. At that point, he suggested buying a bus converted to suit normal living arrangements. I also remember brushing off the idea as it seemed so silly. Steven knew of someone who led exactly such life and moved around as pleased. Sadly, I had such a narrow mind because my whole idea of a family life revolved around having a stationary dwelling where we would raise our children and grow old together. But I also dreamed of travelling. Do you see how our desires do not always match our ideas? Funny that I knew what I wanted but didn’t really have a basic explanation of why things should be the way I imagined.

Next chapter: Living in a house on wheels FULL-TIME AND INDEFINITELY

Over the years my mind shifted in the opposite direction. I DO NOT want a stationary life any longer. This kind of existence scares me. You see, in the end, we all die. Before we do though, how can we manage to fulfil our dreams if we box ourselves into a comfort zone? Buy a big house, get a stable job, do not dream of anything you cannot afford. Trap. Trapping. Trapped. I was. For many years. Shame on me. But wait maybe  I wasn’t! It just took me a bit of growth from the inside. A late bloomer but as the saying goes: better late than never.

” Waiting is our destiny as creatures who cannot by themselves bring about what they hope for. We wait in the darkness for a flame we cannot light, We wait in fear for a happy ending we cannot write. We wait for a not yet that feels like a not ever.” 

 – Lewis Smedes

Let me take you back to where it all started.  Years passed. To begin with, we didn’t buy a big house. We bought investment properties, shares. Started up a few businesses. Then came time to look into our retirement options. I guess at that point it hit us. Why own a huge mortgage if we can own a home on wheels. To move around and go when we please, to skip having noisy neighbours, to be minimalists. Furthermore, to stop wasting money on possessions and invest in memories instead. We don’t need much: food, shelter and a good sleep. Basic and affordable.

Living full-time in a house on wheels-laskababytravel

Watching out baby being delivered was exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. Isn’t she beautiful?

The searching and buying process

Everything was done online and over the phone. Yes, everything. Wasn’t the easiest thing to do, nevertheless, still doable. Treat it the same as booking a trip online or buying clothes. We wanted for our new home to be reliable, relevantly new and above all, affordable.

At that time we lived in QLD but Steven worked in NSW: always away, either coming or going. There was no time or way to go around looking for a vehicle.

It happened that our new home came all the way from VIC after we spent hours on the Internet comparing prices, models, and features. It worked out that VIC offered a cheaper price for a newer vehicle. They also deliver nationally with no extra charge. Win-Win!

Living life on wheels-laskababytravel

Happy wife – happy life? Nope, happy kids – everything goes smooth LOL


The transition period to begin living in a house on wheels — our new family abode 

I am not going to lie saying everything went smoothly. Life became inconvenient, even overwhelming at times.  We missed the first deadline, then the second. My survival mode was in an overload zone. I had to switch on my multitasking ability in terms to limit the stress. Juggling the paperwork, homeschooling, packing the house, selling the stuff and running a business. One of me to too many jobs. Who would not get stressed?

Ready to declutter your life and move on? Read here how

Was it worth it all, you ask? Yes, it was and more! Our adventure has only begun…

Your home is where you park it


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  • Beata

    Hi Alex,

    I know how you feel. My partner and I just got a van and we want to start living in a converted van. We are both so overwhelmed at the moment, as we have no clue where to start and it is proving to be more difficult to just give up our current life style despite that we both really want to do it. Keep posting and i hope you enjoy your new way of living. How are you both planning to earn money while travelling? This is something we need to figure out as well. Ohhhh ohhhh

  • Alex

    Hi Beata,

    I love your blog! Scotland is so on my list. What sort of van have you gotten? It is overwhelming at first, then things settle slowly but surely. When we made a leap ( of faith, literally), we were very ready for the change. Despite of an unorganised chaos, we found ourselves in, all the pieces fell into places where they belonged, quite soon. The new lifestyle gave us something more than a simple de-cluttering. It gave us freedom. Getting used to moving quite frequently in the past, we could not believe how easy and pain – free it was this time around. Oh, and places you will see! Steven, the other half of this journey works full time, so we are stationary for a few months until having to move again. That gives us an opportunity to explore the area really well. I homeschool our teenager, blog and always look for ways to contribute to the family’s finances. Can you teach English? Can you remotely write for businesses? Can you do digital marketing? There are literally opportunities everywhere, you just have to determine what it is you want to do/good at. Best of luck! Stay in touch. I am very curious to follow your adventures.

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