How to keep fit while traveling – 8 great tips for easy-peasy workouts

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This article is intended for people who love traveling and keeping fit but for many reasons find it challenging to stick to the routine.

Yes, I get it. I get it more than 99% of people you know does. For the love of travel and fitness – I dedicate this post to all traveling gym junkies who silently suffer in pain of being out of their set fitness routine.  AMEN. READ ON.

Fitness should and must be an essential part of a human’s DAILY  life. These are my beliefs and I live what I preach.  No excuse is good enough to get out of it.

Keeping fit has become not negotiable for me, somewhat more of the importance of late. I guess it is the certain age we reach. I wish someone told me how important exercising was for the mind-body connection when I was a young skinny lassie (for your information: skinny doesn’t equal fit). How deeply positive it affects the mind if we simply pay our do-dos on daily basis.

Even though exercising can be quite a choir for someone who isn’t passionate about it, working out on the go is daunting for all, even for the most profound gym enthusiasts. The exciting part of this talk is that I can show you how easy it can be to perform your fitness routine without the need for professional equipment. As long as we educate ourselves on safety points to prevent injuries.

 Let’s first set you up for the future travel – proof exercise routine:

  1. Establish whether you are a morning or a night person

Understanding your body clock may assist in setting a successful health plan. I am an early riser, it’s important to me to get up, dress up and show up. To start the morning with my favorite gym routine sets the right mood for the rest of the day. Walking around in pajamas until noon definitely isn’t an option unless YOU ARE AN OWL. In this case, do all your deeds throughout the day to finish it up with a nice sharp workout.

  1. Organize how, when, with whom you will be doing your training

Again, a good company just as important for physical exercises as for anything else. To me, I am a loner, I love my own time, space and pace. It makes me concentrate better, therefore perform outstandingly. For you, it could be different. You might need someone to either push, motivate or challenge you. All of it is equally important for a successful training.

  1. Go shopping!

I said that: GO SHOPPING. Find gym wear that actually fires you up, makes you feel insanely sexy. Buy colors you don’t normally wear because guess what? NO ONE CARES, WE ALL SWEAT IN THE GYM. Buy lots of it because if you are working out enough, you will be washing out enough.

  1. Research supplements

Now, don’t just stand there like a dummy, like I was, thinking: I don’t need supplements, I do everything naturally. YES, YOU DO NEED THEM. Not you but your body. It needs to refuel, rejuvenate and reenergize. The right supplementation at the right time will get you the right results.

  1. Pick training you like the most but first TRY THEM ALL

If you don’t try you won’t know what works for you.

  1. Absolutely download the Fitness App

On my Android, it is Samsung Health. Although the features are fully customizable, the App itself tracks your everyday moves, reminding in between to keep going! Versatile on the go tracker – WINNER!


OK, you are all set. Let’s get to where we started. Keeping fit while traveling.

Keeping fit while traveling-laskababytravel

Sydney’s Opera House fitness

What is the difference between a regular routine and a travel routine?  HUGE. While traveling, your body ( and mind ) instantly switches the attitudes. Don’t believe that will happen to you because you are such a gym junky? IT WILL. Holiday mood kicks in, therefore, your body reacts accordingly. It gets into I RESIST IT mode. It resists early morning/ late night runs like you do at home, taking supplements – too hard to pack them on a trip, resists following the diet. There is a way to beat it all. I have worked hard on running myself as smooth as I could to get where I am now.

F.I.T. I worked hard to get there.

8 tips to help you to keep fit while traveling

  1. Walking everywhere. The research shows that walking can be more beneficial than running for some people, posing less impact on joints. When I say walking I mean a long, minimum 1 hour fast paced, preferably on hills or carrying a weight walk. It does not include a relaxing beach stroll, unfortunately. It is supposed to be sweaty, tiring, heart rate increasing exercise. We tend to walk a lot while on holidays. Excursions, sightseeing, shop malls browsing. More you walk, more energy is used. More calories are burned.
  2.  Running. It is also FREE and it can be done ANYWHERE even in Iceland.  Although being one of the best cardio training, running should be started cautiously, and developed slowly.  First, fast walking, gradually progressing to a jogging.  My most important things for a successful running: SHOES. Check the bottom of soles, they should have a good thread left. If not, it is time for shopping. Not all shoes are made equally. Some good for walking, some for playing soccer. Running shoes have a different type of cushioning, with the majority gel – based. My suggestion is: go to Athlete’s Foot to get a thorough scan. No need to buy from them but it’s good to be aware of any issues. Another important aspect of running is BREATHING. The technics of jogging are not only essential but also learnable. Breathing irregularities are way much harder to overcome. Moreover, the correct breathing plays an essential part in successful running. I am talking about mouth closed at all times, inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the nose – no lips apart at any time! Nice, slow, peaceful breathing.
  3. Practicing yoga. The hardest and the most beneficial way of treating our bodies. Why is yoga hard? It involves two major disciplines a lot of people struggle with: BALANCE and CORE. Not only that, every muscle gets involved at some point. Good news – you don’t even need muscles. Yoga is all about consistency, relaxation and the brain-muscle connection. Again, can be done ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. No equipment needed. Simple.
Yoga in the park-keep fit on holidays-laskababytravel

Yoga is a powerful mind-body connection

4. Utilizing local parks and playgrounds. Not surprising a lot of parks have a gym equipment built in. Learning a few simple exercises goes a long way.

Exercising in the park-keeping fit while traveling-laskababytravel

All you need is a piece of grass and your own weight

5. Swimming. Can be done as gentle or as rapid as you like. Assists in developing lung capacity, strong muscles building, weight loss and overall fitness.

6. Interval training. A stopwatch is all you need for this. 30-40 mins sessions 3 times a week is plenty.

Staying in shape on holidays-laskababytravel

HIIT training at a local gym – you can sign up for free for a week or a month to try it out

7. Participating in gym classes. Every place has a gym that offers casual classes. Visiting once or twice a week is a great way to start. Best classes to develop a general endurance are ( in my experience ) Resistance Training, Hight Intense Interval Training or HIIT and Tabata. If are you more after a cardio then Boxing is great.

8. Online programs and Utube videos. An excellent source of training in your own environment. Some free, some require a minimum monthly fee. It’s common sense to follow someone you know is knows as a good fitness guru. Remember, there is a LOT OF INFORMATION on the Internet with a half of it being uploaded by amateurs. In the fitness industry, the biggest concern is always the SAFETY of a participant, so pick wisely who you are going to train with.

There is no question that during our travels we spend the most energy exploring, right? As a result, we naturally resist working out. The good news is there is absolutely NO NEED to exercise every single day, you don’t want to start hating yourself for not doing enough of it or your travels – God forbid! – for stopping you from doing it!  Relax and simply do the best you can. A little goes a long way.

Disclaimer: all the above are suggestions only. I am not a qualified PT, it’s my personal fitness journey. I have tried every class and a lot of different training techniques. These are the ones that work for me combined with the proper nutritional plan and safety practices.



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