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Welcome to our family story


Why would you pack the house, sell the belongings and move the family into a van?

To experience FREEDOM. To challenge your thinking. To road-school your kids. Plenty of reasons, yours could be different from mine.

But that’s exactly what we did.

In 2017, our family of 3 realized that the life needed drastic changes.

Steven was always away for work, I, Alex was always running the whole house show juggling work, school and everything in between. This situation was going on for years so the end was quite predictable: we were either going to grow apart or have to change it all NOW.

Finally, enough was enough! We threw cards on the table and decided to embrace an opportunity to live FULL TIME in a van, travel around and implement road/ world/global education. Whatever you want to call it.

Since the beginning of the new lifestyle, we found FREEDOM to relocate as often as work requires, therefore our mental make-up has shifted toward OPEN TO NEW CHALLENGES mindset.

Embracing the possibilities and welcoming positive changes became our MOTTO.

Before the start of our homeschooling journey, domestic and international travels were non-existent. Does it sound familiar to you?

With the changes, exploring the world on the global scales made our home education complete.

Our main goal is to discover, record and share how travel can be beneficial for your family.

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Who are the Palombos?

family story- Laskababytravel

Hi, I’m Alex— mum and the main brain of the clan

Born and bred in a cold far-away but immensely beautiful land of Russia, it didn’t take me long to realize I had itchy feet and a burning desire to go places! Landing in Australia in my late 20s was a complete life changer for me: a new country, new language, new husband and a new baby—you get the picture


This is Nick ( a now teenager! )

One seriously freaking awesome guy. Passionate about technology. Drones in particular. A pilot, photographer, editor, vlogger. The next golf champion. Homeschooling is fun but worldschooling is funner!


This is Steven

Golf is life. So is travel. A hard-working aircraft engineer. Always an inspiring investor and my biggest fan and supporter. Nick’s best friend

How this blog came about?

Initially, I’ve created this website to journal our new life as a full-time RVing family, then expanded it to all sorts of directions as we have been embracing more and more of the international adventures since the start of homeschooling. You will also find useful articles on how to homeschool, how to ” do ” the Rving, how to keep fit and healthy on the go and other lifestyle tips.

We still call Australia home, and when we are not driving someplace in the van or waiting for the next flight, we write about travel, talk about travel and help your family to plan your next trip.

We have had so many exciting experiences as a family that it’d be a crime not to journal them and share with you. If you feel that there is something I might have missed or you’d like to know about, feel free to shoot me a line in the comments below!

What does LASKA mean?

You are probably dying to know what in the world ” Laska ” word means, right? I mean, maybe I’ve simply misspelled the Laksa? NO and NO! Don’t ever call my blog that, I’ll get very upset. Relax, I’m just kidding.

Laska is an expressive word, very unique to Russian native language. It has rather elaborate meaning than a specific description.

Laska is motherly fondling/ smooching/ caressing— it manifests the way a mother can show her greatest love and affection toward a child involving a physical and a mental endearment. Imagine a bedtime routine when you are holding your baby, caressing it with a soft touch, kissing the precious forehead and cheeks, playing with fatherly curls.

The connection between Laska and my blog is transparent.

Laska Baby Travel Blog represents the idea of nurturing our children through travel starting at their birth. We are the prime caretakers, our jobs include showing them the beauty of the world, teaching them acceptance and differences, educating them on global problems and solutions.

I chose to do it through what the world-education travel brings as opposed to what four-wall school confinement offers.

That is what I believe and preach every day.

Family story full-time RVing family in Australia - visiting Pisa in Italy- Laskababytravel
Spending time with Nick learning about ancient history is our part of world-schooling education. There's no way he'd remember any of this by reading in a book without having to see it in real life

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