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If you are looking for family-friendly day trips ideas in Italy, you have come to the right place. I will guide you through the must-visit, off the beaten track, a not-so-touristy place that will blow imagination of every member of your family (and send the male part of the clan into overdrive — literally). 

Meet Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena — not your ordinary museum but a place of the incredible significance in the world’s automotive industry. 

Undoubtedly, this will be one of your most unique experiences in Italy, simply for the fact that there is no other place like this anywhere in the world. Think of it as an investment in your kids best holiday entertainment — at a very affordable price, and is something they will talk about for a long time. The place that deserves bragging about to their friends. Quite frankly, I have yet to meet a single person (apart from ourselves) that have been to the museum.

Famous race car Ferrari Museum Modena-laskababytral

The impressive and expensive exhibition is the certainty for your family to be entertained for hours

Situated in the very heart of the country’s north in the Emilia-Romagna region, Modena is homebirth for the balsamic vinegar and opera heritage ( think Luciano Pavarotti), fast cars ( Ferrari and Maserati ), as well as the incredible views of Tuscany-like landscapes. 


Day trip in Italy: Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena

( highly recommended for car-obsessed kids and other speedy drivers )

In spite of the fact that Google regurgitated 31,500,000 results of Ferrari Museum in 0.95 seconds ( not too shabby, huh), it was nothing less but confusing. It took me hours of research to put two and two together and this is what I found: there are actually two Ferrari museum: one in Modena, one in Maranello with only half an hour apart. Did you know that?

Because I am such a nice person, I am not going to throw confusing statistics at you, simply follow the information in this guide — I have added everything you need to know about visiting Ferrari Museum in Modena. Go grab yourself a big bag of popcorn and read on.

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Meet The Ferrari genius

 Originally, it was in Modena where Enzo Ferrari’s genius created one of the best vehicles ever existed. He was an incredibly inspirational man. Enzo’s proven track of being a strong leader and great racer made him into nothing less than a legend one of a kind.

Unfortunately, during the WW II the factory in Modena was destroyed, so he had to move 18km down the road to Maranello. Not to worry, Modena stands in all its glorious beauty meticulously restored and proudly shining of expensive cars and worthy Merchandise items.


Getting there

We all know how good the railway system in Europe is, so the train is your best friendly transportation. 

Modena is easily reached from anywhere in Italy, really.  Florence is 90 miles away, whereas Parma and Bologna each about 45 mins drive.

In our six weeks European adventure, Modena was the connective point between Cinque Terre and Venice. One way regional ticket from La Spezia cost only 15.70 EU each via Parma. We got there in under 3 hours with plenty of daytime to spare.


Finding your way to the museum

Modena Ferrari Factory is conveniently located 1km or a short walk from the train station. Make sure you have a reliable SIM card and Offline Google maps uploaded on your phone for navigation.

Ferrari museum in Modena-Laskababytravel

On the glass windows there is the emblem everyone can recognize even with eyes shut – when you see it, you know you are in the right place


Birthplace of the legend

This place is more than just a museum. It’s a devotion to Enzo’s legacy with stunning exhibited models as well as the F1 simulators for extra keen folks. What an insane place for kids! ( and other revheads — read males ). The Modena museum also encompasses the former workshop of Enzo Ferrari’s father that is represented now as the home of Ferrari Engines Museum.

On the arrival, you can walk straight to the front office to purchase tickets. If you pre-paid them online, line up to get them printed. We, in fact, had tickets that I bought online from the official Museum’s website but still had to exchange them. Luckily, the wait wasn’t long at all. It was probably the only place in Italy that wasn’t crowded, to our surprise. During the wait, my boys organized us a coffee and snack from a coffee bar to get an energetic start.

Old French car De Dion Bouton belonged to Alfred Ferrari-Laskababytravel

Enzo’s father Alfred was one of the first people in Modena to own an old French De Dion Bouton – something that was called automobile as a young Enzo learned


Considering this is a day trip, we had our bags with us. Although there is no designated luggage storage area, the girls at the ticket desk were very courteous by keeping our bags for the visit duration.

The front room will invite you with some of models displays — just enough to please an eye and leave you wanting for more — the walls are decorated with a display of historical images and facts.

You will see bright Enzo’s marque colors— red and yellow everywhere — they stimulate your senses by sending signals to the brain to get prepared for all the pleasantries ahead.

Ferrari Museum in Modena Italy -Laskababytravel

The decorated exhibition wall includes Enzo’s image, his signature, and the marque’s colors


Once you bought the tickets and finished your coffee, head towards the exhibition entrance. On the way there you will pass a Merchandise store. Go in, challenge your imagination, you might pick a bargain!

Keep in mind, every 20 mins in the exhibition hall they run a movie — during this time slot, you will have to hang around until they open the door. We didn’t waste time and went for a look at the Engines Museum. Here you will learn how Ferrari genius built his cars as well as the timeline and videos on every display engine. Impressive is an understatement!

Engines display at Ferrari Museum in Modena-laskababytravel

Wondering around and learning about which engine belongs to which car was a highlight of the visit to the Museum


In the way out of the Engines’s museum, you will see Enzo’s chronological timeline wall — from the date of his birth to death: the life’s milestones and achievements. The path will lead you to Enzo’s old office with well preserved personal items and even his drafts! Isn’t it something?

Enzo Ferrari old office-laskababytravel

The display of the genius’s working office just outside of the Ferrari Engines Museum

The exhibition hall Ferrari Museum in Modena

OK, so you have done quite a bit of browsing but kids still aren’t inspired? Well, wait till they get inside the exhibition! They might not want to read every single history shpiel but will certainly enjoy the interactive part of the excursion! Every 20 mins the lights go off, the white walls become a live cinema screen. Visitors literally freeze where they stand fascinated by interesting facts on Enzo’s and the company’s storyline.

The exhibition pavilion of Ferrari Museum Modena-laskababytravel

The exhibition pavilion isn’t huge, it’s very manageable even with small children

Despite the fact that it wasn’t crowded on the day, it was a challenge to capture an image without a stranger in it. We ended up taking millions of photos with almost every exhibited car in the background — boys will always be boys!

A red Ferrari at Ferrari Museum Modena-laskababytravel

The historical significance behind the fast car making is not only enjoyable but an important learning for children lesson. I can think of a single kid who wouldn’t enjoy these cars. You?

The mix of impressive race cars and a manageable size of the pavilion surely make the experience painless for children, even young ones. You will find it quite easy to get over and done with within a couple of hours, if that.

Race cars at Ferrari Museum-laskababytravel

Dressed to impress hot rod, don’t you think?


Congratulations, you have just finished an excursion at the Ferrari Museum in Modena! Still feeling frisky? On the way out you might want to experience the F1 driving simulator. That will make your wallet a little lighter and you (or kids) a little happier. For this extra excitement, you will have to cough up an extra 25 Euros for every 7 mins, but the thrills of the exhilaration driving will stay with you forever.

The museum’s Opening Times and address:
Every day except December 25 and January 1
November/March 9.30 – 18.00
April/October 9.30 – 19.00

Museo Enzo Ferrari – Via Paolo Ferrari 85 – 41121 Modena

Ticket prices: 

Museo Enzo Ferrari Modena: Full Adult

Museo Enzo Ferrari Modena: Student and Over 65

Museo Enzo Ferrari Modena: Under 19 accompanied by family members

Free entry: disabled visitors and children under 5 years

The tickets can be purchased both online on the museum’s official website or at the Museum’s ticket desk during opening hours

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