Why travel can change your child’s life

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Do you remember the first day your firstborn went to school? I do, just like it was yesterday. It was a happy day for our family, a massive milestone as it seemed at the time. We didn’t cry as we waved goodbye, unlike other mums and dads. Nick did though. He was literally hanging off my leg ( which continued for the next four years ), thankfully one leg only so I could make an escape toward the door with the free one. Quite handy to have everything in pairs, you know. This day began a slow and painful process of boxing him into the system. For the longest 2,5 years of my life. This opened the gate to our journey toward travel and why travel changed our child’s life.

After that day, as the majority of school kids parents, we started to wonder what exactly and how well our child learned while at school. Or if he was receiving enough meaningful information by studying within the classroom. From my perspective, the four walls cannot possibly substitute the live experience.

 ” Learning offers many beneficial aspects to a child’s development. Without an adequate exposure to the practical side of studied subjects, those important connections will not be stored in a brain purposefully. “

The best example of the stated above is learning a foreign language. Do you remember yourself at a language lesson trying to memorize weird words and writings? For the brain the way information goes in makes all the difference.  it’s either gets stored or disposed of depending on the interest and engagement level.

How else can our children discover the world in a broader sense? Statistically speaking well-traveled children have a better sense of humanity and empathy. When a child gets a gift bought on a trip even let it be a simple everyday dress or a beach towel, to them that item represents a lasting connection to a vacation they will never forget.

” Family vacations can provide educational experiences for children because there will be a foreign language spoken, perhaps even with a local dialect; a great variety in cuisine; zoos and bird parks trips; museums, galleries as well as festivals or celebrations that are particular for a chosen destination. “

Since there are many parents who are afraid to take young offsprings on a trip out of their home country, families can really benefit from reading someone else’s experiences before taking a plunge. We all started somewhere. We all feared that kids wouldn’t be able to handle strange foods, long flights or countless accommodations. Although those fears have a ground, in fact, kids who are taken out of their comfort zone embrace the opportunity to switch on curiosity. As a result, they become rather easier adaptable grown-ups. Many families believe they can not afford trips. I have been there. My aim is to inform a family of the best affordable destinations, most suited accommodation arrangements, and detail great tours with kids. Before you say NO, cannot afford it, research, ask questions and live to your means to unlock extra $$ for financing those travels. Even though we have not been everywhere yet ( it’s our goal! ), the places we go we share. They are the most common ones, I believe.


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