10 tips on how to sell everything in your house and move on

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The decision is made. After a careful consideration, you have decided to declutter and sell everything for the sake of your dream –  the mobile living.

I support your intentions. I have been there, done it. Without a definite plan within a minimum time frame. There were moments of a total exhaustion when I was just about to throw a tantrum and give up the adulthood. Getting rid of the lifetime possessions was definitely not the prettiest part. Given I had only a month to get it done until the next new life chapter – road living began. There was a whole house to sort. Stuff to pack, sell, give away or throw out. My reason was stronger than excuses, something that kept me going.

To make that DREAM a REALITY

Plus I had Nick by my side, oh my boy was such an inspiration. He temporary took on the ” Head of the House ” role with such dignity. My little gentleman was nothing but a pure support and a problem – solver.


Let’s go to the plan. It involves 10 very simple but helpful rules:

         Rule number 1.The most important

Plan early, implement early.  If you do not have a date for your goal, set it immediately.  Once you have the fixed date, your mind will switch to a productive mode. That is how a human’s brain performs. Dates are important. More structure, less stress.


  1. Break tasks down into small, daily steps

Tick them off as you go.  If something isn’t completed by the end of the day, remember to take an extra time to get it done the next day. DO NOT PUT IT OFF just because you are a whole month away from your end date. I did and regretted!


  1. Start with the hardest, most cluttered room in your house

Once you get going through piles of hoarded possessions, you will realize half of them was never needed. Give away, donate or take to the dump. Think about every piece evaluating it. Ask yourself why do you need it and for what occasions. Particularly with clothing, I found if a piece has not been worn for over three months, it never will be. Shoes are in the same category. There are people who will be extremely grateful to have what you don’t need for the price of a coin.


  1. Establish how you are going to keep memorabilia

Some people have more, some less but we all have it. Precious photos, souvenirs, handmade items, gifts, even kids adorable crafts – all need to go someplace. Obviously, it is not feasible to store every picture your child has drawn, so take photos of them. Digitally stored photos and documents are the safest. Make sure to back them up as well. One of the most reliable ways for a backup is a Cloud program like Dropbox. They charge a fee after the minimum space has been used but if you are to pay for a storage unit, you might as well pay for a digital up keeping. We were lucky to pack a few boxes of those things into our friend’s. All my photos have already been digital but what I couldn’t let go off were my souvenirs from around the world.


  1. Do not feel like you must donate everything

No and no. You spent time, money looking for those things, imagining them around your house, designing a lifestyle. Big ticket items must be sold! People will always pay a little less than in shops for electronics, furniture, white goods, computer stuff, garden equipment, tools.  Leave books and clothes for donations. Of course, I would not just give away my Kelvin Klein bag. Things like this are great for eBay. Make sure though, whatever is for sale, is in a great condition. Wash it, clean it, wipe it. I have given tons of blankets and towels to charities, they are the most appreciated items. In my opinion, the third world charity bins are the go. Those people can be desperate.


  1. OK, now a touchy topic

Do you have a family beloved pet? It should be the first thing to sort out. We do not have an extended family or a wide circle of friends. But we had a family dog that was like my second baby. I did not realize how much he meant to me. Until it was the time to decide what would be in his best interest. Absolutely NO shelter or Gumtree ads. Do not even go that way. It’s very upsetting to think that people can take their pet to a shelter like a donation. PETS ARE NOT DONATIONS.  I also heard suggestions to place an ad on Gumtree to rehome him. Is it a joke? I would not even do that to a pet fish.

As a result, our beautiful pup came all the way from Gold Coast to Sydney with us, we wanted him close if he’s to be re-homed. I will probably never come to the terms of not having my sweet baby with me. It’d extremely difficult, harder than I could ever imagine. My heart would be broken into little pieces of memories with him. His presence will always be with me. I will never throw out his bowls or blankets because I know my beautiful furry baby can always come stay with us for a weekend. So if you must, do rehome your pets but do it considerably.  Make arrangements to visit them. If they have been in your life for a while, they would be in your heart forever.


  1. Use FREE sources to advertise your household items

I love Gumtree. It’s not only free but quite effective. eBay is good, although only allows 40 free listings in a month which isn’t many.  Like pointed above, use it for big-ticket items, preferably something you are prepared to post as a local pick up will limit your options. Another great source is local Facebook selling groups and pages. Just remember, this one can be tricky. It is very fast paced so your ad will be lost amongst others in no time unless you hashtag it appropriately. I personally have not used it much, only for my business. The thing with those local groups is that people aren’t always serious about buying. They see a bargain, comment on it but may or may not turn up. The best way to protect yourself is to set rules clear such are “no holds”, “no drop-offs” etc. Planning beforehand can be rewarding in the way that local car boots sales can be also utilized. They are free or for a small fee, I am not quite sure. Great for finding a bargain, simple for selling your unwanted items.


  1. Ask family or friends to give you a hand

With anything. From packing to storing your things. Friends are also a great source for sharing the information. Notify everyone about your plans beforehand, take plenty of pictures to send to friends so that they can share around.


  1. Make a huge announcement for your garage sales

Run them for a few weekends. Invite people to see what’s available. Join local Facebook Garage Sales Page and go for it! Make a couple of signs to display in safe areas. Garage sales are an excellent venue that brings crowds. Keep in mind though people typically don’t expect to pay much, they are on a bargain hunt. They won’t need your grandma’s antiquary cutlery set. Be down to earth about what is going on sale.


  1. Contact a local charity to organize a heavy stuff pick up

Charities have planned days for every month to allow for a free home pickups. They will only take furniture/house stuff that is in a good condition. You must call them a week or two in advance as they will not come out on a short notice.

That is as many tips as I could think of. There might be more, I must have a good thought on that. Respectfully, these are the ones I have used myself successfully.

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